The community

The Napoleons are an open community that brings together players in technological, social and environmental innovation on a single platform.

la communaute napoleons


Decision-makers, experts, activists…
The Napoleons bring together representatives of civil society to imagine new actions and desirable futures.

Leaders, experts, economists, philosophers, activists, senior executives, founders of associations… The Napoleons are a community of experts and decision-makers with the same spirit: to raise awareness, to do, to pass on and to act.

Interested in social, technological or environmental innovation? You can join the extended community of readers of our newsletter.
Are you an expert in your field, a manager, executive or decision-maker?
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Our members


Researchers, economists, philosophers, activists, artists, scientists… The Napoleons are an open community of experts who share their knowledge to raise society’s awareness of the issues of tomorrow.


Founders of companies and start-ups; directors and senior executives of large groups, ETIs and SMEs; elected representatives… The Napoleons are an open community of professionals who are active in their organisations on a daily basis.

Our mission

As a company with a mission, our raison d’être revolves around 3 main objectives:

  • Raising awareness through cutting-edge programmes and content.
  • Support through inspiring meetings and events.
  • Set things in motion by creating coalitions that anchor actions in reality and make them flourish.

Raising awareness

We provide our community of readers with proprietary content throughout the year, in a variety of forms: newsletters (The Napoleons Report), podcasts (Napod and Bivouac), interviews (Napoleons’ Voice) posted on our social networks and our website.
In paper or PDF format, our participants receive a written summary of the summits in the form of a white paper immediately after the summit, which is then made available online, on our website, as part of our drive to share knowledge with as many people as possible.


The Napoleons experience is known for its uniqueness and authenticity, thanks to the strength of its encounters and connections, and its visionary and inspiring editorial choices.
We organise a variety of formats throughout the year (4-day Summits, 2-day Chapters, community events, etc.), all with a specific editorial angle or theme, enabling us to pick up on weak economic and societal signals and encourage debate between curious and committed participants.
A catalyst for talent and committed personalities, our community is open and constantly developing.

Get moving

Our members have exclusive access to the Napoleons directory, private invitations to our various community events, priority registration for our Summits and exclusive offers from our partners.
Being a member of the Napoleons community means joining an active and caring community of ‘doers’, driven by the same spirit of innovation for sustainable progress.

We are coalition builders.
What are you waiting for to join us?