Who are we?

The Napoleons were born of a conviction: it's by sharing ideas that we change the world.

qui sommes nous

In 2014, Mondher Abdennadher and Olivier Moulierac set up Momentum SAS, the parent company of the Napoleons, as a logical extension of their quest for innovation in relations between institutions, businesses, brands and civil society.

Conceived from the outset as a hybrid structure, with both digital and physical bridges, Momentum organised the first edition of a now emblematic format in Val d’Isère in January 2014: the Napoleons Summit.
Intended as a long, multi-sector, 4-day event, bringing together experts, senior executives and professionals from all backgrounds around a theme, the Napoleons found their identity as a network dedicated to innovation.
Over the years, witnessing the emergence of French Tech at the crossroads of climate emergencies and societal impact, the Napoleons events have gradually become places for meetings, exchanges and awareness-raising, as well as for highlighting weak signals around technological, but also social and environmental innovation.
A number of long-standing partners have joined the Napoleons experience, contributing their knowledge and expertise in their rapidly changing sectors to the debates, exchanges and life of the community.

In 2021, Momentum became a company with a mission and was awarded the B-CORP label. It was also the year in which the Napoleons Venture Philanthropy endowment fund was created, with the aim of scaling up and networking the players in the non-profit sector with the help of our community.

Today, Les Napoleons brings together a French and international community of over 70,000 people, including 3,000+ members (decision-makers, experts, etc.) on a single platform, through digital content, monitoring, a directory to encourage exchanges, private and public community events, Chapters (Chatham House format – see Rome) and, as always, Summits.

And why ‘The Napoleons’?
Because beetroot, ambulances and industry!