France 2030 it’s tomorrow

rapprochons le futur france 2030

Launched by the President of the Republic in October 2021, France 2030 is part of an economic policy to promote re-industrialisation and innovation – a theme dear to us Napoleons – to position France as a leader in the world of tomorrow.

France 2030 is the fruit of a collaborative effort involving the State, local and regional authorities, economic and academic players and civil society, and is backed by exceptional resources (€54 billion of investment over 5 years). Its mission is to enable French companies with innovative projects to transform, invest, imagine, innovate, succeed and have a positive impact on our society.

This selective plan targets projects of excellence in a number of strategic areas (space, education, agriculture, health, training, etc.), supporting the entire innovation life cycle right through to industrialisation, with the aim of achieving better living, better production and a better understanding of the world.

The aim is to encourage the emergence of new players and new sectors by devoting 50% of resources to emerging players, and to decarbonise our economy by devoting 50% of resources to the ecological transition.

And the initial results are positive, as shown in the report commissioned by Prime Minister Elisabeth BORNE from Patricia Barbizet, then Chairwoman of the CSIA (Comité de Surveillance des Investissements d’Avenir):

  • the increase in GDP could reach up to €80 billion by 2030, creating more than 600,000 jobs by then,
  • 2190 winning projects have already been supported, over 2,000 patents are planned, and over 40,000 jobs have been created or maintained,
  • 4 million tonnes of CO2 saved every year,
  • Over 60% of support for regions outside the Paris region (including the French overseas departments and territories).

So, following on from our summit in La Baule on the theme of Repairing, we are joining forces with the Secrétariat Général pour l’Investissement (SGPI), which is in charge of France 2030, to organise 3 breakfasts over the next 3 months on the themes of producing better, living better and understanding the world better. The results of these discussions will be shared in Paris from 11 January to 12 January 2024 at our 18th edition of the Napoleons on the theme of Winning!