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OFF Activities
Exhibition: “Victory! The making of heroes”, followed by a visit to Napoleon I’s tomb
guided by Christophe Pommier, Ph.D. in History, Deputy Curator of the Army Museum,
at the Army Museum
Inaugural Conference
“Winning, a story of energies”
Frédéric Gros, Philosopher and professor of political thought

“What does ‘Winning’ mean for the French in 2023?”
Exclusive framing study presented by
Assaël Adary, Co-founder and President of the Occurrence cabinet, Ifop Group.
Round Tables
“Victories and defeats: opposites to nuance?”
Christophe Pommier, Ph.D. in History, Deputy Curator of the Army Museum
Sarah Ourahmoune, World Champion and Olympic Vice-Champion of boxing and committed entrepreneur

“Changing the rules of the game and ending harmful myths”
Fanny Parise, Anthropologist, specialist in contemporary worlds and changing lifestyles
Anne Alombert, Associate Professor of Philosophy at Paris 8 University, member of the National Digital Council

“The mechanics of victory”
Fanny Nusbaum, Neuroscience and psychology researcher
Florian Mussard, Vice President, Global Creative Office at Ubisoft

“Have we lost the battle against disinformation?”
Marie Peltier, Historian, specialist in conspiracy theories
Guillaume Soto-Mayor, Independent researcher, non-resident scholar at the Middle East Institute and senior fellow at the CRTG Working Group and the Timbuktu Institute ACPS
Elsa Guiol, Journalist and Editor-in-Chief of “the fabrication of lies”

“The new space war”
Raphaël Costa, Author, teacher and member of the Law, Spaces and Territory Institute
Colonel Alexis Rougier, Chief of Staff of the Space Command
Hélène Huby, Co-founder and CEO of The Exploration Company

“Winning the war before the war”
Major General Philippe Pottier, Director of the War School
Major General Anne-Cécile Ortemann, Director of the Digital Defence Agency
Virginie Tournay, Research Director at the CNRS (French National Centre for Scientific Research)
“The values of Sport”
Tony Estanguet, President Paris 2024

“What defeat does to peoples and to Man”
Benjamin Stora, University Professor, former Inspector General of National Education, President of the Immigration Museum (2014-2020)

“Climate justice: making the voice of global youth heard to win”
Ineza Umuhoza Grace, Eco-feminist & Global Citizen Prize 2023

“The conquest of the art world: the singularities of an entrepreneurial success”
Emmanuel Perrotin, Entrepreneur

“Success and failures in politics”
Alain Juppé, Former Prime Minister and member of the Constitutional Council of France
Opening Cocktail UNESCO
OFF Activities
“Earning the Right to Invent a Future: Focus on Chinese Gen Z”
with Nicolas Riou, CEO of Brain Value (Ifop Group),
at Mediawan

“Losers” episode 3, broadcasted by Netflix
at Silencio Club

“Winning: The Anti-Method Tapie. Because I have nothing against the man, of course”
with Grégory Pouy, Cultural Analyst, podcaster Vlan! & Ping!,
at Silencio Club
Opening Conference
“The Virtues of Failure”
Charles Pépin, Philosopher and writer
Round Tables
“Making the Living Win”
Kalina Raskin, General Director of Ceebios
Isabelle Michallet, Law Professor at the University of Rennes, researcher at IODE

“The Defeat of Politics”
Raphaël Llorca, Communicator, essayist, co-director of the Observatory “Brands, Consumer Imaginaries and Politics” at the Jean-Jaurès Foundation
Vincent Cocquebert, Journalist and essayist

“AI: Winning a Civilizational Challenge”
Asma Mhalla, Specialist in Political and Geopolitical Issues in Technology
Gilles Moyse, Author, CEO of reciTAL, PhD in AI

“Strategic Autonomy: Winning Our Place in Tomorrow’s World”
Géraldine Leveau, Deputy Secretary General at SGPI
Thomas Grjebine, Head of the “International Macroeconomics and Finance” program at CEPII

“Who Wins When Justice is Served?”
Laure Heinich, Lawyer and author

“Winning Over Death: The Ultimate Victory?”
Stéphanie Solinas, Visual artist, author, PhD in Arts
Caroline de Bodinat, Journalist and novelist
Philippe Charlier, Director of the Laboratory of Anthropology, Archaeology, Biology (Paris-Saclay)
“The Values of Sport”
Amélie Ouéda-Castéra, Minister of Sports and the Olympic and Paralympic Games

“The Triumph of the Limit”
Guillaume Desanges, Curator and art critic, president of the Palais de Tokyo

“Should We Be Ready to Do Anything to Win?”
Yas Banifatemi, Lawyer, founder of Gaillard Banifatemi Shelbaya Disputes

“They Lost Everything: The Terrible Condition of Women in Afghanistan”
Deeda Azami, Women’s Rights Activist, head of the Ramzya Project

“Inhabiting the World, Inhabiting Art: A Bet for the 21st Century”
Frank Madlener, Director of Ircam-Centre Pompidou and the ManiFeste festival, member of the Île-de-France Regional Scientific Council
Closing Dinner Pavillon Cambon Capucines